About Us

     Desert Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian church located in central Phoenix. The DCF community is comprised of people from throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. We have a big heart for this part of the Valley.



We exist to be an oasis of hope for all generations by being and making devoted Christ followers. 




Dynamic – creative positive energy in doing what no one is doing to reach people no one is reaching.

Committed – To the mission Jesus gave us by doing anything in God’s will to bring people to Jesus. And to generously support our church to fulfill this mission effectively.

Filled – Empowered, by the Holy Spirit who is making us like Jesus, we will be contributors not consumers and will continue to be faith filled, big thinking risk takers.


Office: (602) 861-4008

Fax: (602) 861-4075


Office: (602) 943-4052

DCF Office Hours


Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9-4 

1445 W. Northern Ave.
Phoenix, AZ  85021

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